• JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi



JW Marriott Hanoi wishes to give a big welcome to this lovely season of the year with you! Autumn is the time that reflects memories, bringing with it the familiar scent of milk flower and the excitement for one of the most delightful festivals in Vietnam. It is when families gather to celebrate the full moon with colorful lanterns, dragon dancing, and sumptuous traditional Mooncake. This concept inspires JW Marriott Hanoi's mooncake box design 2017.

At Marriott, we share a deep appreciation of our collective role in vibrant health of our guests. This mid-autumn festival, we proudly introduce a Mooncake collection as a special gift to your health. Hidden in the golden shell, it is a selective paste with many beneficial ingredients.

Restore yourself with white lotus, that is a great cure for insomnia and a loyal ally of your digestive system; or invigorate your body resistance with red beans and black sesame, which can also reduce the risk of cancer; the taro paste is for regulation of the heart’s functions and blood pressure; taste with pleasure, the the pandan leaves also helps in treatment of hypertension or arthritic. The chestnut chocolate paste creates a combination benefit of chestnut and chocolate can improve your memory and keep you safe from sadness.

JW Marriott Hanoi’s Mooncake is not only focusing on healthy ingredients, but our chef also put all their heart into making and packing each cake. Whether it is a thoughtful gift for loved ones, business associates, or a treat for oneself, these festive favorites will be a joy to savor.